Quick & Easy Cream Cheese Lasagna

Guess what? I've never made "home-made" lasagna. In fact, I just happen to know that making lasagna is "hard" and "time consuming" by chance - not because I've ever experienced it. I don't even know why it's so hard. I made three batches of lasagna in the past three weeks (don't judge - I love me some pasta!) and it wasn't a hassle at all. Why three batches? Well, I tried it... and I loved it so much, I made it again for myself and my neighbor. I don't want to oversell you on this recipe, … Read on →


Halloween Orange Cupcakes

When Kristofer told me his coworkers were going to bring in food on Halloween, I started ranting about how we weren't going to bring in another dessert, but would instead make a savory dish for everyone to enjoy! ...then the deadline started creeping up on me, and I realized that I needed to use my Halloween cupcake liners anyway, plus Target had those fake fangs on sale at like 6 for a buck, so how could I miss the opportunity to buy those for a bunch of adults who wouldn't use them? The … Read on →


Petal Iced Fresh Strawberry Cake

Super moist, this delicate cake is made with fresh strawberries and topped with a cream cheese frosting. To achieve the frosting effect as pictured, look for instructions on "petal icing" a cake. I used a cake piping bag and circle tip, a … Read on →


Peaches with Cottage Cheese

Here's a super easy recipe for those of us who like cottage cheese, and those of us who like peaches! Usually I'm a peaches-in-ice-cream type of gal, but since sometimes we need to eat meals other than dessert (like breakfast or an afternoon … Read on →


Basil Cream Chicken

This is one of those recipes that is so good you share it with your neighbor. Pan breaded chicken baked in a cream sauce - terrible and wonderful at the same time. This is an ideal leftover meal, as the chicken is moist and the cream sauce helps … Read on →


Open Faced Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Here's one of the easiest ways to use leftover Shredded Buffalo Chicken: an open faced sandwich on toasted bread. Open Faced Buffalo Chicken Sandwich   Print Prep time 2 mins Cook time 2 mins Total time 4 mins   … Read on →


Buffalo Chicken Pretzel Bites

Still without a fridge, Kristofer and I made the most of our leftover Shredded Buffalo Chicken by purchasing some Pillsbury Breadstick dough and topping with kosher salt for our best pretzel-esque taste. Buffalo Chicken Pretzel Bites   … Read on →


Slow Cooker Shredded Buffalo Chicken

About a month into our new apartment without a fridge, Kristofer and I were having to get creative with the food we ate. Eating out all the time isn't affordable (or tasty), but frozen food (because we had a freezer) was just depressing in the … Read on →


Tortellini and Sausage

This is a dish that I've been making so long that I didn't even have a written recipe for it. I usually just wing it, although I'm pretty sure the first time I tried it was using a Publix recipe. Today I'm sharing it with you! Tortellini and … Read on →


Cream Cheese Chicken

There's this pin on Pinterest for a cream cheese chicken. It looks like a light, breaded chicken... And it goes into the black hole of the internet, never to reveal the true recipe. Which, in reality, is all-too-common of a Pinterest … Read on →