Strawberry Crinkle Cookies from a Box Mix |

Strawberry Crinkle Cookies from a Box Mix

Crinkle cookies look adorable, and are so soft and chewy. :) I hadn't had any before making this recipe, but I knew that I wanted to try them - and use box mix to help me along. I'm not against home made cookies, that would be silly! I like finding short cuts though, and if I wanted a unique cookie flavor (like strawberry!) this was a fool proof plan! So a friend and I came up with our own Strawberry Crinkle Cookies from a Box Mix recipe! Honestly, I thought I had shared this recipe a few … Read on →

Why buy quality seed beads |

Why buy quality seed beads

The question When I was buying my first set of beads for doing crochet work, I didn't even ask myself "why buy quality seed beads?" The answer seemed obvious: you get more, you get a better brand, and you get a more durable product! Wrong. The answer The real reason you want to buy a nice set of seed beads is because these beads have good through a quality check - and are uniform in design. Take a look at the example below: Cutting corners on your beads can lead to uneven designs … Read on →

Small Seed Bead Crochet Rope |

Small Seed Bead Crochet Rope

Size 10 seed beads make a beautiful, thin bracelet that requires a thinner thread to achieve. This bead crochet rope follows the same pattern as yesterday's double spiral pattern, but at a smaller, more intricate scale. This is just a sample … Read on →

Bead Crochet: Double Spiral Pattern |

Bead Crochet: Double Spiral Pattern

Yesterday I shared how to start a crocheted bead rope bracelet, so here's the finished product! This is using the materials from the introductory crochet beading post, which I would recommend for a beginning project. :) I'll list them again … Read on →

Bead Crochet Beginnings |

Beginning Bead Crochet

As promised, a glimpse at beginning bead crochet for starting your first bracelet project! In these photos I'm using a thin thread with size 10-ish seed beads, but I'd recommend doing your first project with the thicker thread seen in yesterday's … Read on →

An Introduction to Bead Crocheting |

An introduction to bead crocheting

Bead crocheting is the process of adding a bead into every stitch of your project. The most common form is a rope-style bracelet that has a wide range of colors, patterns, and sizes. This week I'm going to share five posts introducing you to this … Read on →

My favorite sites for being completely unproductive |

My favorite sites for being completely unproductive

I've been far too productive this last week, so today I'm revisiting all the wonderful sites that keep me grounded in uselessness - and I hope they are a benefit to others! Playing Games I don't let myself play many games, because I just do not … Read on →

Nude Heart Nails |

Nude Heart Nails

I really love nude colors. You usually see a gray/purple color, but honestly I was at Target looking for something to buy, and I didn't have these colors - isn't that a good enough reason to try something? Nude heart nails it was. :) To make … Read on →

Homemade Raspberry Chobani |

Homemade Raspberry Chobani

Today is just quick post that I want to share because I always have leftovers - and I like to see myself as someone who isn't wasteful. So here's how I've used some of the extra raspberry from my raspberry filled cupcakes: as a Chobani mix-in! I … Read on →

Chocolate Apples |

Chocolate Apples

I've had a little extra ganache left over from a recent baking frenzy, and found there's always something new I'll eat chocolate on. This time, it's chocolate apples! Ganache is very easy to make - in it's simplest form, it is just chocolate … Read on →