Renting 101: How to Assess the Value of a Property You Haven't Seen (And Don't Know the Address Of)

Renting 101: How to Assess the Value of a Property You Haven’t Seen (And Don’t Know the Address Of)

The trouble with finding a rental in a totally new place is that you don't know where the good (or bad) locations are, what a decent rental price is, or even what kind of standards there are. (Like, am I just having bad luck, or are 80% of the houses there over half a century old??) Add that on top of not being able to really look at these houses, and I'm feeling really vulnerable. My mom's telling me one story where a woman signed a lease only for the real homeowner to come back from … Read on →

Book Review: The City of Heavenly Fire: The Mortal Instruments Finale |

Book Review: The City of Heavenly Fire: The Mortal Instruments Finale

Wow, that title is a long one, eh? I really just want to emphasize that this is the last book in the series, because a) I don't want to bother discussing any of the others and b) I'm going to tell you about how it really won't be the last book in the series. Also, let me preface this possibly ranting review with: I read this book not too long after reading The Infernal Devices which made me realize that Cassandra Clare is actually a really terrible writer, even if I want to love her … Read on →

Renting 101: How to Find Rental Properties in a New City

Renting 101: How to Find Rental Properties in a New City

Looking for a rental property can be intimidating your first time. Knowing where to find rentals or what you should be looking for is hard -- especially if you're trying to move to a new city. Kristofer and I recently moved to the St. Pete area … Read on →

Pilot Review: The McCarthys |

Pilot Review: The McCarthys

The McCarthys is a Boston-based, sports-obsessed, close-knit-family sitcom based loosely on the experiences of the creator and producer. First Impressions I like the style of humor and the jokes are funny to me. The highest compliment I can give … Read on →

Pilot Review: Odyssey |

Pilot Review: Odyssey

As far as I can tell, not a lot has been released about Odyssey, beyond the NBC website for it: First Impressions There's no trailer or anything for this show, so not much to find out about it. I only have the … Read on →

Pilot Review: Secrets and Lies |

Pilot Review: Secrets and Lies

Secrets & Lies is a new American drama based on the Australian series of the same name, which aired March 3rd of this year. First Impressions Oh no, too sad already. So the entire season will be the audience determining if this guy … Read on →

Pilot Review: Black-ish |

Pilot Review: Black-ish

The brain-child of Anthony Anderson and Laurence Fishbourne, Black-ish is an African-American family-centered sitcom. (I originally didn't even mention "African-American," but since so much of the pilot episode is centered on cultural identity, I … Read on →

Pilot Review: Selfie |

Pilot Review: Selfie

#Seflie is a modern, social media My Fair Lady. First Impressions KAREN GILLAN I LOVE DOCTOR WHO. I hate her voice. And she looks super Lindsay Lohan in ...a club. (Wait, is that the point?) Does not look funny... buuuut that's what I've … Read on →

Pilot Review: Scorpion |

Pilot Review: Scorpion

</scorpion> is a disaster-fighting drama based on a real-life genius, Walter O'Brien, who helped catch the Boston bombers. In this show, he builds a team of like-minded geniuses who will work together to assist the country in surviving … Read on →

Pilot Review: Madam Secretary |

Pilot Review: Madam Secretary

An American politics drama, Madam Secretary will air during the 2014-2015 season as part of the CBS network. First Impressions So up until, like, 3 minutes into this 5 minute trailer, I was really curious about this show. A sarcastic ex-analyst … Read on →