Lemonade Slush

Lemonade Slush

So, we’ve been making a bunch of delicious lemon drinks:

  1. Lemonade
  2. Ice Cubes
  3. Mix-ins

Honestly, I’m in love with lemons now. I want to make so many drinks, foods, desserts, …cleaning supplies! Everything. Seriously.

After I had my first glass of lemonade… and then the glass with the ice cubes… and then the glass with the ice cubes and the fruits… and, well, the glasses I shared with my father – I was all out of lemonade. But I still had a bunch of raspberry lemonade ice cubes! Best idea ever – throw them in a blender. Nothing else needed.¬†Instant Slush!

Blending Raspberry Lemonade Ice Cubes for the perfect slush

Mmm, a delicious smoothie. :) I had to stop and go a bunch with the blender – is there some magical blender I need to buy for a smoother blend?!

Raspberry Lemonade Ice Cubes, thrown into a blender to make slush

Pour into a glass, top with mint (my favorite!), and find a classy bendy straw to really pull it all together.

Raspberry Lemonade Slush

I wanted to garnish my drinks with these, but I didn’t have the tools. I looked for the source, but all I could figure out was that they’re called Fluted Cartwheel Slices. :)

Next time I’ll just add a little gelatin for this recipe from melskitchencafe. Which I get to top with mint again… yum!

I need more lemon ideas!


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