Lemonade Mix Ins Create the Ultimate Drink

Lemonade Mix Ins Create the Ultimate Drink

Here we are again, back with our lemonade series. YUM.

I’m getting excited for tomorrow! I’ve told my mother I’ll go over to her house for the cook out, but not before I’ve spent some well-deserved timeĀ cleaning my apartment. Gee, I don’t even like cleaning and I’m excited for it.


As for the perfect party contribution anyone could bring to a summer party? This homemade lemonade whipped up a couple days ago.

How to make perfect homemade lemonade - the best for a 4th of July get together! Subscribe to read about our lemonade ice cubes & mix ins on the 30th and 3rd!

Ice Cubes

To give it a little personality, we prepared these ice cubes next.

Smash up some raspberries in lemonade to make decorative ice cubes for summertime lemonade!

Mix Ins

Finally, we’re going to give our lemonade the finishing touch: fruit mix-ins! Muddle some respberries at the bottom, throw a couple blueberries in, and perch strawberries on the tip of your glass… they’re going to look fabulous, and taste better!

Mix fruits into lemonade to kick up the flavor!

Here’s my favorite! All raspberry, with a mint garnish. yummmmm

Lemonade with raspberries, Raspberry Ice Cubes, and a mint garnish! yummm

If you haven’t made your lemonade yet, here’s a tip! Soak your citrus fruit in hot water first to really get all the juices out! :)

7 more great ideas

Blueberry, following the delicious PBS instructions.

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Pink Lemonade Wafers from landolakes.

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Raspberry from mybakingaddiction.

Homemade Lemonade from theidearoom.

Delicious! Enjoy, and if you make anything let me know how it turns out. :)


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